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Snoop Dogg
5 Of The Most Ridiculous Clothing Items That Are Actually Being Sold Right Now
who wearin these?
Are these items wonderfully awful or awfully wonderful?
Comments ثقافة العقول طول اصبع الابهام هو نفس طول الانف
لاتستطيع ان تأخذ نفس وتبلع ريقك في نفس اللحظة،
طول يدك من الكوع ...
Mel Makaringe If you see me wearing that come and cut my head offHenok Tadesse you
Snoop Dogg
You Need to See This Earwax Being Removed
The disgusting wonders of the human body...
Comments Heather Piatt Fisher my mom had ear wax that her doctor couldnt get out ,she was having vertigo from it,went to er,they put ...Renee Bettez Mulligan I get to watch when my Mom has it done. Her wearing hearing aids all day causes build up and ...Indigo Mcleod I want to see it, but then I don't! I wish I could have gotten it out!
Snoop Dogg
Abella Danger
Snoop Dogg shared Abella Danger's video.
Comments Dustin Nicklaus This person is going to regret giving their baby electronic device to soon. Then again not my kidVeronica Hernandez Clarissa Santana Daniela Bernal when I would text you guys to complain about workIndigo Mcleod Too cute!!😋
Snoop Dogg
Here's What's Really Happening When Your Limbs "Fall Asleep"
yall believe this?
Find out why your arms and legs fall asleep, and what you can do to wake them up quickly.
Comments Vanessa Ferreira Hmmm ... interestingMelody Henderson REALLY
Snoop Dogg
These 25 People Got Hit On At The Worst Moments
yall gettin down like this? 👀😂
Getting hit on usually sucks, because people are creepy AF. These 25 people got hit on at the worst moments, & in the creepiest ways.
Comments Christopher Simmy Ree update a new display picture.. The old one is fu___d up .. You look ugly 😤Sam Bro Yes and I am from Auckland New Zealand. Great place to grow up big and strong.Terry Evans Ewww, wtf?
Snoop Dogg
Women Are ALL About This Viral Post Calling Out H&M’s Absurd Clothing Sizes
what yall think?
As if trying on clothes wasn’t annoying enough, we’re dealing with this!
Comments Leanne Hewes That's because it is from a European country!!I live in Amsterdam and all the people here are fit from Biking. ...Ana Teresa Gourgel These are South European sizes H&M and Zara are both Spanish brands South European people are small in stature, the ...Debbie Anne I've never had an issue at that store. I'm a 10/12 and she looks a lot bigger than me, so ...
Snoop Dogg
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me n the neff STIX on that Tanqueray #TanquerayTen Comments John Rivers Snoop. If you in Ontario look me up son! I bet I can smoke more than you can or just ...Donna Wlosinski I'm 62 and I love you snoop! Saw you in buffalo New York in 2000 with Eminem I watched your ...Fahd Abrahams Sporting that YG FOhunnid...ima fan too..hahaha
Snoop Dogg
Facts Only: Women Smoke More Weed Than Men - Culture | MERRY JANE
dis true ladies? - MERRY JANE
“The most profound finding in our report was that the majority of respondents were women by over a 15 percent margin,” said Cannabis Consumers Coalition Executive Director Larisa Bolivar.
Comments Cheryl Liberty Garand It's true...but, I blame the men. They are exasperating! (not Snoop Dogg of course, know, the average man) Kevin Phillips Was there like a survey or something? where do they get these stats? Also why is it a competition? Who ...Kn Chunn Women weren't smart enough to realize that you don't advertise that you get high.
Snoop Dogg
Medical Cannabis Could Pose $5 Billion a Year Threat to Big Pharma, According to Research...
thats wats up - MERRY JANE
New Frontier Data finds that nationwide medical cannabis legalization would cost the Big Pharma big bucks.
Comments Luckasa Luquitas Do you think gangsters will allow big corporations,like Monsanto and Bayer, take over the cannabis industry? All the blood, sweat ...Andrew Westwood When the Pharma companies move in on it, all I can suggest is buy homegrown! at least you know your ...Kenyon T. Blomquist I am an executive in big pharma in California. I would just like to say, "hey, hey, hey...smoke weed everyday." ...

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