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Man saves 669 kids during Holocaust, has priceless reaction when they surprise him years later
boss 👍🏾
Although history is filled with many dark chapters, sometimes people rise to the occasion and prove themselves in these tough situations. During World War II, European Jews saw their families broken up, their friends kidnapped and their neighbors ...
Comments Zix Newera George Soros must be the opposite because he killed Jews and confiscated their stuff during the holocaust, but Demicraps still ...Mike Jones This man is a hero a saint he saved innocent lives little children.Michelle Hill Cuatt This was a great story...he was so blessed by seeing all those folks.. Bless them all ❤
Snoop Dogg
Street Kid Approaches Car And Begs For Money, Bursts Into Tears When He Sees Woman...
A homeless child in Kenya had next to nothing, but he still found it in his heart to give to a woman who needed help. Meet this amazing boy here!
Comments Carol George Incredible story. Human kindness & compassion we ALL have it in us. This story is a beautiful reminder of just ...Jason Pederson Wow that is a great story and reminder of the importance to have a solid heart with positive actions. Ill ...Monica Moni Happened in my country,Nairobi kenya,the kid has since been adopted.
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This Florida Teen’s Prom Dress Blew The Internet Away In The Most Touching Way
The Black Lives Matter movement has inspired some of the youngest minds in America to take action and they have, boldly. No matter what your stance is on it, it’s safe to say it’s captured the public’s attention nonetheless. ...
Comments Lorraine R Cruz It's an interesting dress but what's important is that she believes in the cause
If black lives matter to her, ...
Branden Arnesen Twas also the night she became a future single mother...Casi Howdy That young man will be noticed in the fashion industry soon. The fabric is a huge undertaking. Pieces that get ...
Snoop Dogg
Signs Of Cheating To Help You Identify A Dishonest Lover
yall think this true?
There's no one definitive way to tell if someone is cheating, but there are signals that you can watch out for.
Comments Erek Brush I'll just leave it b in saying good s@x can turn any faithfully girl into a s@x freak and then ...Jayson Herman This article is bs, The real signs of a person cheating or somebody having something to hide are those who ...Mike Stew Stowell Yes cuz lipstick on the collar happens very often and is not suspicious at all! Wow you guys are geniuses!!!
Read Full Transcript of Snoop Dogg's 2Pac Speech at 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - XXL 247 807
Snoop Dogg
7 Giant Crazy Real Things That Look Straight Sci Fi, Son
crazy chit
Some Sciences are Scienced up from bizarre, fantastical landscapes.
Comments Norman Applewaite When I'm bored I'll read this.Triluis Harmony Wake up )): snoop😃yu realise now this technologi exist because u were high all ur lifeGildardo Velazquez Amazing, and really effective
RT @alleyezmovie: Congratulations #TupacShakur on the being inducted into the @rockhall! Tune in to @HBO tonight at 8PM to watch the ceremo… 463 0
RT @By_SJD: Loved Snoop's story about parasailing with Tupac #RockHall2017 63 0
RT @KiddoYoung: The lyrics to "Keep Your Head Up" by Tupac Shakur are still so relevant to today. Snoop Dogg's speech was a beautiful trib… 122 0
Snoop Dogg
This Mansion Only Costs $137K, But The Location May Make You Think Twice
who movin in here?
If you've ever wanted to own a mansion, here's your new home. But there's a catch.
Comments Chris Persinger The original owner was a doctor and his wife had decided that the place was too big during construction so ...Dominic Falvey It makes no sense to build a mansion in the middle of nowhere?? What are they on about, a mansion ...Aaron C Tharp Not I it look hunted. Besides what would you do with all those rooms sleep in a different room every ...
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Recent Ford Recalls Include 530,000 Cars, Trucks And SUVs—Is Your Vehicle Affected?
yall got one?
If you are the owner of a Ford vehicle, now is a good time to check in with the service department of your local dealership.
Comments Dredd Creed Any support trying to get a car but all car get messed up. Dont matter if it's a Japanese car ...Nick Wagoner All the Chevy comments lol Ford doesn't rust out in a couple years nor does it "die" I've had more ...Joshua Luke Buraczewski Why do you even care about this
Why would anyone care about this
Free refunds for everyone
Why do i ...
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when your whole team stay fly @tydollasign @lalahathaway !! @tanquerayusa #TanquerayTen Comments Paul Stone Lookin like you was in my homeboys video.....dropped on youtube today....ricky turn it up....welcome to should give my ...Douglas Pollard Nice suit,cheers bro,got no gin for my juice,and no herb for my pipe,lucky I know how too harvest when she's ...Shawn Starr When my shut gets out layaway I'll be right up there with yall.
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How to Incorporate Weed Into Your Wedding - MERRY JANE
luv at first sight
Tie the knot, with pot!
Comments Jessy Bo Vandergriendt This is so sad. If you can't go one day-your wedding day- without pot, you have a serious problem. Kelly Teves YES 😍😍 I'm still looking for my first weed weeding couple ❤❤ I'm a professionally unconventional Wedding Planner and Florist ...Branden Tellez Will you smoke this fat joint through sickness & health ,lol
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The Internet Thinks The People On 'House Hunters' Are Ridiculous
The premise of "House Hunters" is simple. Homebuyers meet with real estate agents and give them a wish-list for their dream home.
Comments Robin Roberts Ortega Davison This pegs it. I've watched a couple episodes and decided these people are so ridiculous I would not give the ...Alissa Rogers Saw one episode where two doctors were looking for a home. Their budget? $300k!! I almost choked on my cuppa... Cheri Ranney one buyer was obsessed with elongated toilets.. would pass on a beautiful house if the toilets were round. hilarious

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