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who do this? 😂 Comments Jonathan B Huey Hamilton atleast he doesnt have her kids up there. lmao .. he should put her kids up there.. and the words. ...Ted Berg I used to have a bumper sticker that said, "My other ride is your mom.".Wendy Barras Kahla Bolt I dont know why this made me laugh so much!
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tonite !! bacc n the kitchen showin martha how to roll Comments Angela Juarez I tried prison pizza once it was ramen noodles with pickles and other ingredients I don't remember at the moment ...Joanna Leśniewska She makes the dish that we do in Poland ;) in other countries its called dolmaAndrew Griggs Put weed in her brownies she ain't even know it lol
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When the fake ID works
this how yall get down? 😂 Comments Aedrien Macayle This isn't a club anyway. Check out the Karen Carpenter-looking chick next to this little guy. This is clearly a ...Mateo Gutiérrez Díaz Mauro Caro Gutiérrez Esteban Caro Gutierrez Jeison Gutierrez cuenta la leyenda que sea cual sea el género, Mauro va a ...Altan Durak Deniz immer bei shisha bar wenn wir nicht gefragt werden 😂😂😂😂😂
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Just When You Thought You'd Seen Every Single Worst Tattoo...
who do this ? 😂
Photos of tattoo fails that prove people still don't understand how the internet works.
Comments Phill Howe Maddie Clay, this reminded me of a conversation long ago about your day trips to a certain seaside town with ...Ari Ane Olg Digger mach mal bitte diesen ninja turtle auf deine naseMatangi K Millar Africans love those wheelchair women,the champions they are
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Giphy Promotes Diversity With Colorful Black History Month Collection
The GIF giant's Black History Month library features black icons, social activists and more.
Comments James Henry Smith Snoop what check out brugie badd my niece I'm liljames my niece needs to be heard god blessMichael Pink I've never seen such a cancer inducing comment sectionNick Alba Money calls it snoop. Nigga please lbc y'all no what mean.:)
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Tag Someone and wait for their reaction
👀😂😂 Comments William Dutton Can't lie I watched it like 5 times without clicking thinking something would happen lmao.Lisa Gillespie Stacy Harris something we would do until mama yelled "if y'all don't shut your black asses up making all that ...Kristin Gillian Daniel French imagine someone doing this in a cinema hahaha
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😂😂 Comments Mart Warren He doesn't have to deal with all the haters and b.s. now, he's more than earned it.Joe Cruz Here's to all you Obama lovers that can't see how much he fucked all the the American ppl from letting ...Barbara Brown When your president is fine as wine.😍
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911 Dispatchers Describe the Creepiest Call They've Ever Had
crazy chit
911 dispatchers have a tough job. They're constantly faced with the pressure to send help to people in need while also keeping the injured person or witness to a crime or accident calm while police, paramedics and firefighters ...
Comments Stewart Morgan I've dispatched 911 for 18 years. There's not much I haven't heard. Not much bothers me anymore except when you ...Sarah Schulze I couldn't do this job. Much respect for the ones that do!Stephanie Riley I watched a video with 911 was a reaction was was a guy who called from one ...
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Cleveland’s Cannabis College Is Here to Train Ohio’s Next Medical Marijuana Professionals - MERRY JANE
weed school
The brick and mortar institution for cannabis education is a step in the right direction for Ohio’s marijuana industry.
Comments Snoop Dogg get weed: Gomez All seeing eye is all over the place, I'm not surprised smhJohn Coulston A special college wow that's great only you can also go to your local area college and do the same ...
Snoop Dogg
24 People Who See The Funny Side Of Life
People are strange — but at least they make us laugh!
Comments Nay Phyo Kyaw Car is ours life don't lie otherwise gonna be tired by walking 🚶Johnathan Lotts 🔊Attention Job Seekers🔊

We are looking for Men & women 21+ and older who are eligible for work in the ...
Matimu Gabazile Chauke

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