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To the girl I just met at the grocery store - thank you 🙏🏼❤️ 952 14098
Ronda Rousey
Army veterans return to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police
A growing group of military veterans are willing to put their bodies between Native American activists and the police trying to remove them
Comments Nathan Ryhal Maybe they should go and pick up the tons of garbage left behind by all the idiot protesters... you know ...Paul Young Just because they are veterans don't immediately give them brains Ronda. They are my brothers and sisters, but I can ...Patrick Caraway You're such trash anymore. I used to be one of your biggest fans now I'm glad your career is done. ...
The plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty reads: "Give me your tired, your poor, your… 1226 5207
Ronda Rousey
Trump signs order to move Keystone, Dakota pipelines forward
U.S. President Donald Trump signed two orders on Tuesday to move forward with construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, rolling back key Obama administration environmental policies in favor of expanding energy infrastructure.
Comments Nancy Doyle Harmon Hogan 20,000 jobs..... not including waitresses, auto leasing, motels and every other possible service provided to the 20,000 who will need ...Chris Uhler Well its about time
the tribe was exposed for wanting more money so instead, the oil pipeline was rerouted around ...
Kyle Bentley finally a president that realizes that our economy won't run off of hugs, wishes, and unicorn farts!!! lets get back ...
Ronda Rousey
Canada oil pipeline spills 200,000 liters on aboriginal land
A pipeline in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan has leaked 200,000 liters (52,834 gallons) of oil in an aboriginal community, the provincial government said on Monday.
Comments Bernardos Way Don't let this distract you from Ronda rousey getting knocked out a second time🤔Daylan Klemen 170000 liters has already been contained. Who measures oil by the litre anyway. You measure oil by the barrel. That's ...Casey Bosshoss Kenrick If you are upset. Stop driving and flying anywhere. Stop heating your house. These posts sound childish if there is ...
Ronda Rousey
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Ronda Rousey added 2 new photos — with Kunwar Punya Pratap Singh and 11 others. Comments Yen Adame Win or lose always #teamrousey such a role model and a bad ass of a womanTaylor McCurdy The amount of hate Ronda is getting is ridiculous and people are wondering why she has a media black out ...Travis Timmons Get that belt back girl! You are the reason for women's mma in the UFC. Your domination of that weight ...
Thank you everyone who came out to support at the weigh-ins today. Looking forward to proving… 1407 9601
Ronda Rousey
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Put your MMA knowledge to the test! Draft me on your DraftKings team before tomorrow’s card: #ad
Ronda Rousey with Dhananjay Singh and 9 others.
Comments João Oliveira Ronda Rousey never doubt of yourself.

fear the return.

I don't have any doubt that you will be again the ...
Zach Deely Pathetic how you have carried yourself throughout the lead up to this fight. You claim that nothing matters but winning, ...Ali Marie Hicks All these mma "experts" trash talking you make me laugh .... you do you ... get your belt back 😘
Put your MMA knowledge to the test! Draft me on your @DraftKings team before tomorrow’s card: #ad… 616 3632

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