Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Your week presented by Paul
Your week presented by Paul... Comments Rachel Stroup I'd do anything to meet him.. 😔
I've loved him since I was 3 and now I'm 15
Pauline Skogmo Hi Paul, remember me when I met you in Seattle 15 years ago and I said at the time I ...Jula Schulen Wiktoria ahhahajahahhahahahhahajjahahajajhajahahha
Paul McCartney
The Complete Paul McCartney Spotify Playlist - Listen HERE: Comments Greg Pineda I love Sir Paul McCartney's 6 string electric guitar.Maybe it's a Gibson,Gretsch or a Fender electric guitar while "screaming his ...Janet Kolesar Paul is the absolute very best !!!!! God bless you forever and always, Paul !!! I have enjoyed him, since ...Denis Denis City : New York
Album : Ram
Song :... maybe : back seat of my car ! Screaming his heart ...
The Complete Paul McCartney Spotify Playlist - Listen HERE: 479 2095
Paul McCartney
#FanArtFriday by Twitter users NatCAFreitas, thomasfluharty and Instagram users babyharu_drawings, sovaleee! Share your #FanArt with #whatsnewpaul! 🎨 Comments David Layne Gregorski Their all trying there best~ J.p. If time and personal dyno flicks have not come my way- you know, I ...Tony Bonacci It would be weird to have fans that only draw you as a kid. hahahahaGregory Guss These are incredible drawings of Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney's music is timeless.
Paul McCartney
Paul, Jamaica. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT Comments Ken Jones A 12 string left handed don't see a lot of those aroundRenee Orlando-Romano I love youJulie Angelica Lafkas Linda knew how to take a great photograph. She was so talented. She was also a wonderful Mother and musician ...
Paul McCartney
GO LEFTIES!! #lefthandersday Comments Bobby McGlown One question I have for Sir Paul: Ringo is left-handed, too...but played a right-handed drum setup (apparently because he simply ...Candace Ammons Would that be a day for the both of us since I'm ambidextrous? Haven GaddyDenise Woods-Taubner The nuns couldn't change me and boy they tried... Slapping me with their rulers. Proud to be Leftie. Need a ...
Paul painting the roof in Scotland. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT 799 4290
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