Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger
The two MJ's dance class! Comments Tyrone Smith 😂💫Jim Genardo You put me in....a "State of Shock"!!! Loved that song....what was it like working with Michael Mick?? I read you ...Alice Scarsella Antonio Baldino fai bei sogni stanotte.....
Mick Jagger
Comments Janne Strachan C'mon Mick. Time to retire, and as much as I love your friend, Paul!!! Tell him it's time. Pack it ...Ryan Murr It's funny. In the 60's The Stones were labled as a bad influence on kid's because of their lifestyle choices.
Kelly Powell I'm getting excited for your tour ! Although Canada is not on it so Far "wink,wink" I'll be watching with ...
Just over four weeks to go! #StonesNoFilter

Photo by Erik Kabik https://t.co/x5wMzEXoCS
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Great performance by
England, winning the test series.
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Mick Jagger
No room for a dip! Comments Connie de la Rie Hello Mick, I'm Dutch (63) and growed up with the Stones, visited some Stones concerts and have many records and ...Debra Johnson It's great to see you enjoying some " down time"!Pravin Bhana I have heaps of Stones Albums and Books, went to 4 concert tours. First album I bought UnderCover '83. I'm ...
Mick Jagger
Waiting for departure at Euston Station, August 25th ’67. Comments Greg Cust Very Cool Photo Mick...it does look like PM but it's a female sitting next to you.Jeremy Klein Caption:
Did you see the last Game of Thrones episode?
Maura O'Flynn what a pic indeed my lovely 👌 are you going to see them next year?
Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger - England Lost (Official Video)
I had a girl in Lisbon and a girl in Rome, Now I’ll have to stay at home..
England lost/Gotta Get A Grip. DOWNLOAD/STREAM: https://Mick-Jagger.lnk.to/AAID | VINYL: https://Mick-Jagger.lnk.to/VINYLID | CD: https://Mick-Jagger.lnk.to/...
Comments Ádám Kovács At least someone in your generation is not a Brexit-supporting fucktard then.Sam Rosanna Phillips Love the song and the video! I think much of our planet feels this way..... sad situation here in the ...Maria Imes Trump used your song at a rally in Youngstown Ohio recently. You should sue!!
Mick Jagger
Get my new EP and The Rolling Stones albums at great prices on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/mick-jagger/id365667?app=itunes&ls=1 Comments Mar Henneman Hey Mick how about sending them free to everyone who's spent lots of money attending your concerts st 600 a ...Björn Ruppen Hallo Mick
Am 20 September findet in Zürich das Rolling Stones Konzert statt... Wir sind sehr sehr 😢 Ein Stones ...
Keara Niven No one like Mick Jagger..! Rolling Stones, the biggest inspiration of my whole life, and now it feels even stronger, ...
Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger - Gotta Get A Grip
GOTTA GET A GRIP - The message is - despite all those things that are happening, you gotta get on with your own life, be yourself and attempt to create your own destiny.
Vinyl: https://Mick-Jagger.lnk.to/VINYLFP CD: https://Mick-Jagger.lnk.to/CDFP CD/Vinyl/T-Shirt Bundles: https://Mick-Jagger.lnk.to/GGStoreFP
Comments Ofelia Realzola Thanks for the help in healing this broken heart of mine 💔🎶 My Trump stages: 1) disbelief 😳 2) horror ...Steve Saviski Had me as a fan back when Aftermath album came out ,(sometime around 67 when I had it) , the ...Jason Friedman This song reminds me The Aerosmith 1993 album. Its pretty similiar and has same meaning as The Rolling Stones track, ...
Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger - England Lost (Lyric Video) ft. Skepta
Different season, Same score, Everybody wants your head on a spike,
But they were singing your praises the day before..

England Lost (feat. Skepta). Buy and stream here: https://Mick-Jagger.lnk.to/SkeptaID https://www.facebook.com/mickjaggerofficial https://twitter.com/MickJag...
Comments Elly Jansen Tekst moet inhoud hebben ...en dit is er zo één ! Hoe vaker ik hem hoor , hoe meer hem ...Joe Kerry England doesn't have it as bad as our nation NOW,we r the laughing stock of the world,gotta get a grip ...Jonathan Ottens U r s genius mick but this is Horrible but nice try at hip hop rap... never too old

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Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger - Gotta Get A Grip
The world is upside down, led by lunatics and clowns. No one speaks the truth and the madhouse runs the town.. Gotta Get A Grip / England Lost out now: https://Mick-Jagger.lnk.to/AAFP Comments Wanda Maddocks Do some more human rights songs Mick, ---help charities like lots of homeless on streets in Brighton sleeping in shop ...Jesús García Morandeira Yes, unfortunately England lost now, but also there is Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the whole Europe. . . Europe ...Wanda Maddocks Mick im so proud of you doing this. Ive been asking James Blunt to do these songs but he wont ...
Mick Jagger
Gotta Get A Grip (Matt Clifford)
Matt Clifford and Josh Ludlow go to work on Gotta Get A Grip.... Comments Sam Parady I love Matt Clifford's new age technicality. Sounds like he took the amazing strings from Satyameva Jayate (sp?). The only ...Maria Cristina Lauridsen Hi Mick its great and very joy to see ou aain my friend Thsnk u much for all ver kindly ...Angelika Stapf That's the most guitar based re-mix I've heard so far! Love them all though...they're the modern day compliments musicians pay ...

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