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RT @TheraBand: You know @Lindseyvonn isn't waiting for chances - she is making them. How about you? #NextLevelMe 19 0
RT @LV_Foundation: Our new summer candle is here! Only sold @perchvail and the new @perchnantucket. Call 970.688.5947 or stop by- they ship… 4 0
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It warms my ❤️when the flight attendants remember me from a flight 2 yrs ago when I flew with a broken ankle. Happy to be healthy!🙌🏻 #AirNZ 30 768
Lindsey Vonn
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Last day off training here in New Zealand and it was epic! We had a blast and making big steps for this coming season. Thanks to my crew for having my back. Love you guys!! #TeamLV ✌🏻
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Comments William Tell Lindsey, Just saw your nude pics. Whoa, You look better in Ski suit. Naked you look like a male wrestler. ...Malal Abdul LINDSEY VONN is really extraordinary marvelous,sublime,fantastic and more,She's the best performer of ski of world of every the times,She have ...Colette Cornu We love you too. Hope you enjoyed NZ
At the French has promised to give you an update. Eight surgery ...
RT @KingJames: It's sad what's going on in Charlottesville. Is this the direction our country is heading? Make America Great Again huh?! He… 90334 0
Our apartment in New Zealand also doubles as our gym 💪🏻 @TheraBand 60 1091
Patience teaches us that this precise moment is tolerable.As we rspd to what this moment requires of us,the future will take care of itself 94 582
Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn's Training Regimen Will Wreck You
Lindsey Vonn shared a link. Comments Joanie Plamondon Dominique Hamel en plus c'est mon idole cette fille-là!! Do we try it? :DBrian Flores A mountain bike ride & skiing in Tahoe perhaps?! If YOU could hang?
Lol. ✌😎
Gerin Duben Well - I guess Lindsey Vonn has "fun" doing these ten tooth pulling exertions. At the same time one has ...
Lindsey Vonn
"Zicki zacki" = a common slay phrase in German that refers to slalom skiing.

Yup....that's what I'm trying to work on 😜 and it's a lot harder than it looks!
Comments Inbar Oron I am not english-speaking (not native english-speaking at least) but I think that is what is called "perfection", no? Rebecca-Louise Looks like you're doing AMAZING!Enno Knop Zick-Zack means left-right-left-right, like the run of an escaping rabbit. Zicki-Zacki means more: very quick, very easily, probably also like ...
Lindsey Vonn
Cookie Monster
DIS IS THE BEST #NATIONALCHOCOLATECHIPCOOKIEDAY EVER!!! Lindsey Vonn and me are eating cooookies to celebrate! Om nom nom nom nom nom.
Lindsey Vonn shared Cookie Monster's video.
Comments Kent Neal That's hilarious ! I wonder how many cookies he's "ate" over the years ? lolPeter Maas He Eric Hulst, ze eet gewoon koekies hoor.Gerin Duben Oh yes - the divine Lindsey Vonn is the Olympic-Cookie. A s sweet as honey and at the same time ...
Lindsey Vonn
ok guys sorry about that, my interent isn't fast enough to keep the connection for a video lets try an old fashioned chat :)
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Comments Lindsey Vonn Ok guys my computer is dying...hopefully next week my internet will be better and we can do a facebook live! ...Daniel Arnhold Hello Lindsey, greetings from Berlin.Do you chasin the Record of Ingmar Stenmark and do you wanna make more Giant Slalom ...Stefan Achleitner Are you cheering for someone in the 2017 Formula 1 championship?

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