Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn
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Starting this week fresh! Looking at the scar on my arm reminds me that I have been through a lot in my life and always come back stronger than I was before. 💪🏻 Looking forward to racing at the Olympic ... Comments Bruce Moshe Lutz Lindsey Vonn-
Happy to see you recuperating and shredding the slopes again.
I've been following your career since you were ...
Fabrizio Fab Rinaldi Scars cannot make you less beautiful!
Keep it up!
I am going through a bad injury, and to me you ...
Þórunn Eva Guðbjargar Thapa You are one of a kind love. We were watching your video me and Jon Sverrir today couse we learnd ...
My scars remind me that I am strong and beautiful 💪🏻 thank you #GiorgioArmani 😘 118 1555
Congrats @MikaelaShiffrin and congrats on the combined title @ilkastuhec 53 531
Lindsey Vonn
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Lindsey Vonn updated their cover photo. Comments Jeff Swartz Awesome! I take this exact aggressive posture during downhill...every time I've pushed the limits too far, and I'm about to ...Skifish Joe This static image of you does skimpy justice what is actually in play as you negotiate this point in space ...Michael Jakosits I wish you to stay healthy and out of trouble until OG2018 so you can fulfill your Olympic Dreams, you ...
Lindsey Vonn
Overcoming Obstacles
I’m proud to share my story. I am so grateful to do what I love and have the support of Rolex, my fans and my family along the way. A reminder that all obstacles can be overcome!
Lindsey Vonn with ...
Comments Jenny Süssner Who is your role model? You are my role model (at least under the top 5..)there are so many great ...Hans Wilhelm it must be an amazing feeling go over all this obstacles and still going strong. there are not many persons ...Anna Juntunen I agree, the feeling when you get the speed on the slopes is unbelievable! 😍 You are such a woman ...
Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn's cover photo
Lindsey Vonn updated their cover photo. Comments Adam A Berger III You're a living miracle... At a certain point in any athletic pursuit, when you get to the top competitors; whether ...Paolo Pegorari Parliamoci chiaro...
Una che fa due gare ....non allenata alla gara....e arriva terza ad un mondiale ...non è umana... è ...
Laura Thompson Nice job. Now, onward. Maybe the gs race?!?! Nothing to lose, and pratice for wc gs, where the wins count ...
Lindsey Vonn
Photos from Lindsey Vonn's post
Today bronze feels like gold! Extremely happy to get my 7th world championship medal...and apparently I'm the oldest woman to do so 🙈👵🏻 Also, I was happy my friends could finally come and watch me! #nevergiveup Roger Federer #theGOAT
Lindsey ...
Comments Kim Myers You are an inspiration!!! Your fight and determination and drive to work hard and succeed is truly remarkable!! Congratulations on ...Jens Holzmüller Gratulation zur Medaille. An diesem Wochenende haben es die nicht mehr ganz jungen den ganz, ganz jungen Athleten gezeigt. Weiter ...Claudio Fort After all the setbacks, this was a fantastic result. So pleased you came out of the downhill with a medal. ...
Lindsey Vonn
"Chasing History" - Inspiration
#TBT to the first World Championship golds I won at Val-d'Isère in ‘09...a little reminder for myself to keep grinding! Head over to the new Chasing History website to watch this and other exclusive videos about my training, my inspirations, ... Comments Laura Thompson Great job today! 11th in slalom run... With almost no practice in a year. 3rd in DH, but she would ...Paul Metz I would LOVE to watch these, but every time I try, it just says that "Streaming is not possible in ...Hans Peter Wilms hey pull your pants up : ) cool course you're flying ! Wanted to ski this weekend, looks like the ...
Lindsey Vonn
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New year, same mantra - #StrongIsTheNewBeautiful! You can now enter for a chance to win one of 5 grand prizes - each featuring a signed copy of my book, a t-shirt created by Under Armour, a pair of Oakley goggles, ... Comments Lea Tschuor Thanks Lindsey for beeing my inspiration. Had my 10th surgery on my knees and you gave me the power to ...Kimberly Davis Miller The original:
Bernie Dorgan DeWit Lindsay, you are a courageous woman, however I am very disappointed in you, that you would take another artists idea ...
Lindsey Vonn
"Chasing History" - Training Clip
I’m blown away by the positive feedback for the first two episodes of #ChasingHistory on Eurosport – thank you all for the support! If you missed them, want to watch again or see more exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, go to Comments David Church Watched 1st episode it was gr8, then watched 2nd that was phenomenal and proves how hard to get back from ...Stuart Brock I am sorry you are still having troubles from your broken arm. Sounds like you have a solution. Good Luck ...Anka Valet I definitely loved watching the first two episodes! I've always loved your attitude and since we met a million ages ...
Lindsey Vonn
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"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." -Muhammad Ali.
I was focused and charging with an all or nothing my risk didn't pay off but I will keep the same approach going ...
Comments Guido Zonghetti Lindsey Vonn, today I was 1 minute without breathing while watching you! As long as you make our hearts beat ...Tom Boatman Risk and reward, you keep doing what your doing, it's only a matter of time before your back on top. ...Dirk Franke Lindsey gib nie auf die Beste zu sein.. Du wirst wieder kommen als dir große Kämpferin die du bist in ...
Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn and Jonathan Edwards on Facebook Live prior to the premiere of Chasing History.
Lindsey Vonn shared Eurosport's live video.
Comments Hans Peter Wilms Squaw is next month ! hope to see you there. lots of snow, hope it stays cold , had some ...Rae Spellman I wonder with all that promotion stuff : Book signing in Cortina, press conferences with Eurosport , Venice holidays - ...Chip Woods You're the best Lindsey! I like you ... and miss you! ❤

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