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RT @SierraClub: 🚨🚨 @POTUS disbanded an advisory panel that translates climate science into long term planning. https://t.co/Bb1pGQ0ulC #Sci… 433 0
Leonardo DiCaprio
The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory committee on climate change
Science cannot be silenced. Stay informed.
The expert panel’s work has been aimed at helping policymakers and private-sector officials factor the government's climate analysis into long-term planning.
Comments Mac Mitch Leo, as an actor, u r awesome. But trump won. Please move on.Claudia Manu Get this loser out of the White House already. He should be removed immediately for putting this country in danger. ...Andrew G Barr *goes on twin diesel turbo yacht with hookers and blow to catch private jet*
Leonardo DiCaprio
Attorney General Becerra Leads Coalition Opposing EPA’s Illegal Proposed Delay of Rule Limiting Methane Emissions
Great work by Attorney General Xavier Becerra. We must continue protecting the planet at the state level.
Rule Prevents Tons of Methane Emissions from New Sources in Oil and Gas Sector
Comments Elaine Soukup Leonardo DiCaprio, if you are so worried about this planet, give up your private jet flights, the ridiculous huge yachts ...Susan Lindsay Reducing Methane by that much by 2025 is really great as well as the net benefit. I do feel like ...Glenis Tomic If everyone planted a tree on their birthday Together we could all help 🌍 So wonderful to hear this So ...
Leonardo DiCaprio
Students, Cities and States Take the Climate Fight to Court
Proud of the continued efforts from Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation grantee, Our Children's Trust.
A wave of lawsuits across the world asks judges to do what governments have so far failed to do: aggressively confront global warming.
Comments Susan Lindsay I am utterly baffled that the president and his administration could be deliberately ignorant on the subject of global warming ...Charmaine Scammell Thank you Leo.

I'm surprised with the amount of lovely people in the US, the only two candidates put forward ...
Wael William Am afraid it's already too late i mean every year it's getting hotter , they don't care about the planet ...
We lost a true conservation hero who fought so hard to protect Africa’s elephants. https://t.co/aViqCTjScX 7941 25950
Leonardo DiCaprio
Elephant Crisis Fund
We lost a true conservation hero who fought so hard to protect Africa’s elephants.
Conservationist Wayne Lotter, a powerful force taking on the Tanzanian ivory trafficking cartels, was killed last night in a shooting near Dar es Salaam.

Through a ...
Comments Karyl Carmignani We all must help to save this species! The US is a HUGE consumer of ivory, as well as rhino ...Fran Davidtsz This is sickening news. I feel so sad for his family. EVIL is running this continent, and much of the ...Patricia Frain RIP thank you for making a difference in this world. A true hero. My deepest condolences to your family.
Leonardo DiCaprio
2017 Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala Auction
Protect our planet. Now until August 23rd, you can bid on exclusive pieces of art work. All proceeds go to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation grantees that are working to build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, and restore balance to ... Comments Anastasia Michailov Should have listed hanging out with Leonardo Dicaprio, that would be the most popular (and profitable) by far 😅Alice Darby Good luck with this Leo. Looks like you're pulling out all the stops to help defend our earth! Bless you ...Krista Danielle Antonini Now the carbon monoxide alarm went off in the mansion, and that's what you meant by improving the environment, which ...
RT @CNBC: Environmental watchers raise alarm over climate refugees, with millions at risk elevated sea levels https://t.co/KBq4Nobnze 494 0
RT @marinesanctuary: Protect America’s marine sanctuaries. #Standupforsanctuaries and let President Trump know you value them at https://t.… 370 0
RT @business: The Church of England takes on climate change and generates a 17% return https://t.co/uCuJnQDKWu https://t.co/vx5vagbyUt 304 0
RT @lonelywhale: These celebrities suck but you probably do too. Learn how to #stopsucking, then challenge a friend.

👉 https://t.co/xJ9OCk…
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RT @LionRecovery: Lions have served humanity as an emblem of strength & courage. Now it's time for us to be that for them. https://t.co/QmN… 971 0

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