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Kylie Jenner
Check out Kylie Jenner Shop page to see all the new stuff dropping on on August 24th at 9am pst Comments Missy Amaral The groin area is so weird looking nothing natural about any of this shame she feels the need to change ...Anthony Paz Why do they say plastic that shit has skin over it lol just playing maybe it's natural or a mystery ...Carine Elangwe Why does she always try to market herself? I'm pretty sure some crazy fans of hers won't hesitate to grap ...
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner Shop
Brights collection dropping Thursday 💛💙💗
The Official Kylie Jenner Shop
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Marriage needs total commitment, love is the glue that makes a couple ...
Imran Ahamed Who cares?Alexandra Lesnoski Rebecca Lane da fuck? I missed something lol
Kylie Jenner
🕊 Comments Θοδωρής Πότσης Let me fuck her and kill me tommorow...Jamie Lee Gouch I love your show kylie. I think your pretty cool. Just think you should be more yourself, Screw fame, be ...Anna Fresa I wonder if she uses photoshop on her photos. On the poolside pics she had twice as big boobs and ...
RT @owenkenny_: Less than 1 hour till @LifeofKylieonE starts! My Sunday is officially complete thanks to @KylieJenner 🔥 everyone tune in 🙈💁… 91 0
RT @khloekardashian: Happy #LifeofKylie Day!!! See what I love about my baby Jordyn!!! 😍 382 0
RT @maartinaxo: @KylieJenner I'm so in love with #LifeofKylie and cannot wait to watch another episode today!! Everyone tune into E! at 9|8… 167 0
Kylie Jenner
New Life of Kylie tonight on E! 9/8c Life of Kylie Comments S D'Vinci Matala To be honest your show is really boring and childish... try to change your style a little bit. #my opinion ...Melissa J McFall Buchanan Look all you haters she may have continued to be in the spot lite but she didn't actually choose this ...Walter Weddle Kylie..that scene were your standing at the refridgerator talking to your mom and she asked what kind of bra is ...
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Cosmetics
Kylie Jenner wearing TWENTY Matte Lip! Available Now..
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Comments Jonathan Draught Can we have phone sex just one time lol fr tho
I can get u right from long distance😘
(972) ...
Michele Miller-Stanley I fucking hate you! You are the only person I know who has to be so fake to try to ...Ruben Rodriguez Saludos mija, salúdame a tu mami, dile que en la tarde le doy la vuelta, pa'ir por la tanda, bonito ...
Kylie Jenner
😩😭😍😍😍 Comments Deborah Alexandra Sanchez Kylie Jenner I'm pretty sure every guy thinks that of you. Even tho your lips and ass are fake. Only ...Rosalyn De Jesus Seriously, that's all a guy has to say to get a girl? That's sad and disturbing. If a guy said ...Eric Trottier Ayo Kylie that ass fatt hmu on snap jr.eric02
Kylie Jenner
summers almost over party Comments D'mitri Alex Who cares about the summers , all we care about is the 'show of plastics'.Yeisson Garcia Plastic, or no plastic, has more money than you hahhahAshton Collins It's not like you're going to college and your summer's over.
Kylie Jenner
👑🎀 Comments Melissa Macias This bitch has no talent and portraits a standard of beauty that is impossibleJackat J Chm If you guys don't like her unfallow her page easy as that. Y'all want to throw shit do so. Yeah ...MaryMelissa Steiner Hate all u want this family is an empire!!! They are family but each have their own Unique Style. Its ...
Kylie Jenner
🌻 Comments Dia Na It's strange because if you watch her in her pictures she's so beautiful and perfect, but then when you watch ...Marlon Humberto Liendo Laya atleast the flower is naturalEric Vasquez Kylie is perfect.. Why is everyone so negative and mean to her. She was home schooled so she never got ...
Kylie Jenner
The Hollywood Reporter Comments Bharat Sharma FAKE BITCHESNicole Bothma Heavily Photoshopped - coming from a graphic designer. UPDATE: This is in no way meant to be a hate comment. Kusasira Peace Marsha I wish u guys your wealth to make charity to the little black kids that are dying in Africa...especially Kim ...

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