Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner
The Tastiest Doughnuts on Earth
too good
See where to get them!
Comments Michael Scarlett What if I get there and it's just a homeless shelter serving cheese sandwiches. What then Kendall? If that is ...Nna Emeka Hey Kendall, hoping biz is going well. Bachelors in business marketing so I understand the challenges of the field. Thanks ...Kári Jensson Simple question: Are you going to pay back the people that went to fyre festival? Because you literally STOLE they're ...
Kendall Jenner
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Comments Ethan Lozanovski Guess who needs to make the short trip into my inbox? You Kendall :)Sarah Musayimuto Music WowKári Jensson Simple question: Are you going to pay back the people that went to fyre festival? Because you literally STOLE they're ...
Kendall Jenner
My Nighttime Skin Routine
clean = glowy
Here's how I get ready for bed.
Comments Ethan Lozanovski Kendall, I've got something for you check your inbox
It's my heart...
Sarah Musayimuto Music Skin beautyAle Fernandez I will tell you the same as Klhoe: I follow you since you started, but I dont like the fact ...
Kendall Jenner
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dreamy Comments Ethan Lozanovski DMs........

Nat C Braden Kendall Jenner I love everything about you ❤️Michael Branch I think you have a heart of gold and a magnificent soul and you are so buetful that when you ...
Kendall Jenner
Find Out Which Kardashian/Jenner Is Your Sole-Mate
who did you get?
Take this quiz to find out!
Comments Hristo Stancheff Honey for 3 dollars a month I better go get me a netflix subscriptionAkbar Wahid Ur dadAnn Johnstone I love you all .you have had some real dramas in your life and you are all so polite and ...
Kendall Jenner
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👾 Comments Ethan Lozanovski You look great here Kendall
You'd look even better in my inbox :)
Yunusa Mustapha Kendall really wanna see,is the question... Kendall I had a dream last night we both staying together but I ...Nna Emeka Hey love saying whats going on. Hoping your time spaces going well thru the atmosphere changes. Thinking about you. Hoping ...
Kendall Jenner
dance on the H Comments Sarah Musayimuto Music NiceAnia Wylota Blue skies forever..William Kralemanniv I'll Like This Kenndell Baby.I'm not Certainly Clear On What I'm Liking But Baby,It's Ultametly You Kendall Jenner.:-)
Kendall Jenner
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water covers 70% of our planet, but 663 million people still don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water💧today is #earthday and we can help change that. please join me in standing with charity: water! Comments Joey Sadeik Bro your family is loaded you guys can pay for it alone throughout africa. Stop trying to scab money from ...Rudy Apreza Betancourt How much percentage of the world is covered in Pepsi tho?Maisie Meehan people complain that she doesn't do enough with her influence yet when she gives to and promotes a charity she's ...
everyone deserves clean and safe water to drink 💧 this #earthday please join me in supporting @charitywater:… 2469 11346
Kendall Jenner
charity: water
growing up i always had clean water, but for 663 million people, drinking dirty water makes them sick and often keeps them from going to school📚. join me this #earthday in supporting charity: water to help build a bright future ... Comments Nima Sherpa The planet deserves the equal share for every being that comes to existence :) Awesome! When beauty spreads from in ...John Leonard Corrupt governments that don't protect their own people and provide them with a means to survive should be called out. ...Rodolfo Villa is the best we can do in life as a human beings I sponsor myself two little girls from children ...
Kendall Jenner
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👀 Comments Ethan Lozanovski Hey Kendall
had a hard time looking for you in my inbox but it looks like you weren't even there
Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe Did you REALLY make Pepsi apologize to YOU for the commercial YOU CHOSE to make?!?!?! WOW!!! You and your family ...Kaylee Procter You look like your mum lol and beautiful pic

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