Gigi Hadid

Mickey with fans today @ Disneyland Paris 983 5873
Trans & non conforming .. you have my support. ♡ 3839 16667
Another epic @versace show. ⚡️🌈⚡️⚡️⚡️ You never cease to amaze me donatella_versace, forever an… 947 6121
👑 KARL. Thank You !!!! fendi 854 5634
Always such an honor and pleasure to walk the fendi show. ❤🍂
Thank you so much @karllagerfeld…
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Gigi Hadid
love you guys. Thank you for your support, always. Comments Nick Donaldson You need support in morals and education. Just saw the awards and your remarks on elections is sad. Kids watch ...Karen Warnken Domingue Your mother is an immigrant. Would you appreciate some little twit who knows nothing about politics mock her on stage ...Charlie Falance Thanks! Its people like you that helped put Mr Trump in office and it will people like you that will ...
Gigi Hadid
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#TheGirl always wins... 👑 #TommyHilfiger
Comments Tanya Sorensen You and your racist views about Melania - I hope your dropped from every designer brand!! Your a model those ...James Bridgford You are disgusting and disgraceful with zero class. I had no idea who you were but apparently I wasn't missing ...Carrie Lynn Nead Niedzwecki Used to like you and your I think you're really immature and shouldn't be considered a celeb. How dare ...
Gigi Hadid
Supermodel Gigi Hadid Does Los Angeles Like You’ve Never Seen Before
A parodic "day-in-the-life" : @Vogue Edition.
😜🌴🌴🌴🌴 Thank you to the ever-fabulous rupaul and to my big sis lanzybear for being your chic shelves & to mariotestino for answering my FaceTime while at work !! 💕
Gigi Hadid takes ...
Comments Anastasia Carbone Stick to walking the runway You were awful on the AMA and mocking Melania not cool . I didn't even ...Debbie Ward Beauty has to come from within and you are nothing but ugly trash and you thought you was so funny ...Linda M. Olsen What an embarrassment you were last night on the music award show. No matter what side you are on show ...
Gigi Hadid
#THEGIRL Sets Sail! A New Fragrance By Tommy Hilfiger
Here's a first look at my campaign for #TheGirl, the new fragrance by Tommy Hilfiger ⚓️👸🏼 #ad
Gigi Hadid & Tommy Hilfiger are proud to present, THE GIRL! Anchored with notes of jasmine, pear, and cashmere, our newest fragrance ...
Comments Karen Warnken Domingue Her mother is an immigrant and this twit is gonna make fun of Melania? not too racist huh? Your mom ...Anna Carta Beliveau You wish you had the grace and style of our future First Lady. Do you realize how immature you are? ...Connie Fuller Wright BOYCOTT everything she represents with TOMMY HILFIGER. Perfect time with Christmas coming. And contact TOMMY HILFIGER'S Facebook Page and leave ...
Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid's cover photo
Gigi Hadid updated their cover photo. Comments Holly Fredrickson Gray Nice!.... You are very blessed and beautiful..... Please give my best regards to your mom.... She is a beautiful person ...Mae Emmnl I wish in some parallel universe or in another lifetime, I'm in your shoes and I'm experiencing all of what ...Yuna Alvara

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