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It never ends the way U want unless you're holding that 🏆 over Ur head. Proud of my team 4 fight'n & thankful to have completed my 14th yr. 2708 12227
Thank you to the @NBA and my fans for acknowledging my efforts in my hometown this year! #NBACommunityAssist… https://t.co/bCLViwy5UI 278 925
Dwyane Wade
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Thank you to the NBA and my fans for acknowledging my efforts in my hometown this year! #NBACommunityAssist #DwyaneWade Comments Linda Mentrasti Vastardis I'm glad to know that The Chicago Bulls made it to the playoffs this year with DWade on their team. ...Garfield Laut Incredible effort on and of the court, hope you stay in CHI town but if you decide to go elsewhere ...Catherine R. Koch Love you DWADE, Glad you're home. I know the Heat misses you.
Billions!!! On ShowTime. I Love this show. 188 1312
Dwyane Wade
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Comments Jc Tenyaksha Ganal Remember haters(bulls&heat fans) "His belief is stronger than your doubt" so you pick up the remote and stick it straight ...Mario Galvez Not to hate wade but your only there because Miami choked hard and couldn't win one game... thank the heat ...Juan Torres I use to really like Wade a lot, but the Heat did the right thing not bringing him back! He ...
Dwyane Wade
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14th NBA regular seasons in the books...Highs and lows as every season but the ultimate goal is the playoffs & here we are. Thanks Ryan Chun for catching me get up (alil). #Bulls Comments Drezzy Dre Yall knocked out my Heat but you my fav player so I guess that is a consolation!😑Donna Yarnevic A DWade fan wherever you play! Cheering for you all the way!!Derrick G. James II Much respect to you my brother. Even though MY Heat didn't make it, I guess you making it to playoffs ...
14th NBA regular seasons in the books...Highs and lows as every season but the ultimate goal is… https://t.co/wTPCN3MIZn 342 1540
I try not to take anything for granted. 14 years later the love is still there for that number 3 jersey. Thank you… https://t.co/h3mycgVaCN 1425 5906
Here’s a peak at last weekend's Pitch Black event. Next step is bringing these solutions back home. Much more to co… https://t.co/P6y4Ne7oym 37 206
Dwyane Wade
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Comments Billy Stallings Happy Easter Family Wade
My prayer unto Christ Jesus,
Is that All of my brothers and sisters and family have ...
Aron Khurana D Wade you came back to Chicago to help the community, come check us out 847 Hoops. We've served over ...Jonny Cee SUPPORT THE 2ND AMENDMENT IN URBAN DEMOKKKRAT VOTING PLANTATIONS:
Dwyane Wade
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This year I wanted to give our youth a voice and shine a #SpotlightOn these young ones who are changing the city for the better in their classrooms and communities. Major thank you to Chicago Bulls and Gatorade for helping ... Comments Jessica Hortal Garcia My Mom is fighting Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer as if this wasn't enough she lost her home in a fire ...Richie H Fisher Stattour laps that OG Chi Die Balance double 3s U double 6s me. Everything else two tap. Jus rolled two ...Robin Faraday Will you boycott the All-Star game if they have it in discriminatory North Carolina (HB142) in 2019?

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