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Washington State Teacher of the Year @farmtableteach’s approach to teaching STEAM sparked my imagination… 408 2008
Bill Gates
"I Want Students to See Many Different Futures"
I recently sat down with Camille Jones, the Washington State Teacher of the Year.

Camille’s approach to teaching STEAM—Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math—sparked my imagination…
My conversation with my state's latest Teacher of the Year.
Comments Yabin Yegates Dear BB:七个小时前的文字,我现在才看到。请远离那些我限制的女人。七小时后我在找你,老公,你能让我知你在哪个房间?






Ogundipe Oluwashinaolami Am also a science, maths, art, teacher. I love the STEAM teaching modules can I get involved tooMartin Tisdale Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, if you both could take a moment and look at my idea for a page ...
Tossing Pennies on the Roof
Washington State Teacher of the Year Camille Jones shares an engineering lesson with Bill Gates.
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A Conversation with the 2017 Washington State Teacher of the Year
Bill Gates meets with Camille Jones, the 2017 Washington State Teacher of the Year. Camille teaches STEAM —Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math at Pioneer Elementary in Quincy, Washington.
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These numbers are way too high, but I’m optimistic we’ll see an end to malaria in my lifetime:… 1994 7359
Bill Gates
These numbers are still way too high, but I’m optimistic that we’ll see an end to malaria in my lifetime: #WorldMosquitoDay Comments Yabin Yegates Dear Bill.gates:Dont say that hong kong woman .because your 老婆is yabin.gates .you and yabin will have 5 hight. Zåðý Ùñas Sir malaria is history you should work on Aids,dengue, and e-bola Mampe William i'm sorry to say this but Mr Gates you billion and genius all that kind of stuff, but to eliminate ...
How long do insecticide-treated bed nets protect people from mosquitoes?

Check your answer:
556 2439
Bill Gates
#TBT to the time I willingly let mosquitoes drink my blood. Learn more about the progress we’re making against these deadly creatures:
Comments Dan Olsavsky You could single-handedly fund the work to solve the Flint water crisis without even noticing the money is gone from ...Navneet Singh Hii sir may i get 1 reply from you.....plz plz and 100 times plz.Harshit Jain Hi Bill gates sir ,I want to show u My web pages if u agree. I also have some question ...
Want to make a difference? Help me give away 100,000 bed nets to families in need: 1339 5660
Bill Gates
Fight Back Against Mosquitoes
Bill Gates published a note.
Comments Sayed Danish Kazmi bill ! i need 10 million dollars plsBhavani Rao Most of the diseases of Asia and Africa can be prevented by underground drainage system and safe drinking water. Instead ...Marcos Garcia Hello Bill, I am Spanish of 25 years and I am currently dedicated to the updating and sale of GPS ...
Bill Gates
Join our giveaway to help stop the spread of malaria.
People often ask me how they can help save lives. Here’s an easy way...

Read this short article about the remarkable progress being made to reduce malaria deaths, and I’ll give a bed net on your behalf to help protect ...
Comments Sanjay Thavi Mr Gates.. corruption is single biggest curse against the humanity.. Corrupt Public Servants are 1000 times worst than the ISIS ...George Bjornson I'm getting tired of hearing about these people and their enormous wealth and how philanthropic they are. If Gates donated ...Judith Kavanaugh Happy Birthday to Melinda. Would be interested in seeing you fund Adoption in place of IVF for families. Thanks for ...
People often ask me how they can help save lives. Here’s an easy way... 1315 4838
Mosquito Wars
In Southeast Asia, some types of the malaria parasite develop resistance to the drug combinations used to cure and prevent the disease. If this drug resistance spread to Africa, it’d be a disaster. Fortunately, partners on the front lines are ...
What is a life well-lived? Melinda and I asked our friend Jimmy Carter to share lessons from his remarkable life:… 1168 6042
Melinda and I are deeply saddened to learn that our friend, mentor, and advisor Sam Dryden died this morning. 631 4563
A moonshot pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. This one could change the way we think about energy storage:… 833 4014

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