Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher
There Is A Tiny Island In New York City That Nobody Is Allowed To Visit
There's always something new to explore.
Discovering new places on planet Earth is an exceedingly rare and exciting phenomenon. There’s a telling generational quote that crops up a lot on Reddit: “I was born too late to explore the frontier, ...
Comments Andy Dickerson That's where they keep bin laden torturing him everyday insight of manhattan!
That's what I hope anyway.
Deb McCotter Rosburg It's where WWII German scientist were kept to experiment and some of the strange animals washed up on shore around ...Claudia Castro
Ashton Kutcher
Free Access To Pads And Tampons Could Soon Get Easier For Women In Federal Prisons
Every human deserves to be treated with dignity.
It's an important step for women's prison reform.
Comments Corey Beste I think these products should be free for every female, incarcerated or not. Why do they get products for free ...Sammantha Malone-Schmitz If guys get free condoms for something they can control. Women should get free pads/tampons/ panty liners for what they ...Shana Horne Why do prisoners get free tampons but I still have to pay for them?
Ashton Kutcher
Chelsea Clinton Has Found A Clever Way To Respond To Twitter Hate
Respond to hate with positivity.
It'd be nice to see other public figures do this, too.
Comments Dianna Bourgeois The girl is sweet and brilliant. Very well raised, obviously.Kim Gray Haha. She is as bad as her crooked mother. Some of us has had enough of this crooked,lying family. Sydria Brookshire Ray Way to go Chelsea! You show 'em girl. Never stoop as low as they do.
Ashton Kutcher
Oprah Winfrey Opens Up About Her Struggle With Depression, Helping Others Remember They're Not Alone
Focus on taking care of yourself.
"I felt like I was behind a veil. I felt like what many people had described over the years on my show, and I could never imagine it."
Comments Peter Lyth One the wealthiest women in the US was depressed for six weeks! Try 23 years of anxiety and depression, I ...George Thalassinos First step: we need to start being nice to others, so no one who has a sensitive soul to get ...Volynda Whysper She was sad for 6 weeks. That's not depression and I find this article very insulting.
Ashton Kutcher
However you do it, you'll never regret bonding with your kids. Comments Alison Mirick Neace Matt Anderson this made me think of you for some reason! LolDeb Beatty One of my favorite quotes...Enjoy the little things in life, because someday you'll realize they were the BIG things. Michelle Glasgow Lisa Bell what do you think? Does Liam Lochran need to start practicing his dance moves 😂😂😂
Ashton Kutcher
A Charlottesville Protester Was Filmed In A Johnny Cash T-Shirt. His Daughter Spoke Up.
We all need this advice: "Children, you can choose love or hate. I choose love.”
"Johnny Cash was a man whose heart beat with the rhythm of love and social justice."
Comments Dan Benefiel Hopefully the families of these hate groups like ANTIFA and BLM will choose love as wellNichole Proctor Listen up. I did not pen this, however, I am in full accord with this:

WE THE PATRIOTS of the ...
Nancy Wilson for the ignorant or those who choose ignorance BLM is not a hate group. They are a group that stands ...
So excited to dig in with @UNLEASHlab let's manifest the future we see! #UNLEASHLAB2017 68 443
Ashton Kutcher
Jobs Don't Always Work Out, As Shown By Jimmy Fallon's #WhyIQuit Hashtag
What's your best #WhyIQuit story?
"You're Brain now, so deal with it."
Comments Amy Warner I quit clients all the time, I'm a self employed housekeeper and I expect to be respected! I am no ...Kristy Austin Payne-Pate Lost my boyfriend in a motorcycle accident. Showed back up to work a few days later in retail and was ...Ponyboy Schlichter We were redoing our parkinglot where I worked. I had to sweep the parking lot once. The. Dirt. Parking lot ...
Ashton Kutcher
What Living With Anxiety Is Really Like, According To A Woman Who Has It
The more we talk about this, the better people will understand it.
"Some of the most successful people in life have anxiety. This is not your fault. This is not the end."
Comments Brittany Nichole Morefield I can not believe Ashton Kutcher saw my post and shared it 😭😭😭 guys I really didn't know my post ...Megan Miller Its different for everybody people need to stop acting like its all the sameJulie A Hastings Francisco There's times I pull up to the grocery store, needing food for my kids, and I can't go in. Times ...
Ashton Kutcher
Which Of These Bizarre U.S. Attractions In Each State Would You Visit?
Road trip!
Time to book a trip to see the World's Biggest Beagle.
Comments Emmily Gonzalez Nicole Sabo ok so we are soooooo doing this next time we road trip... which should be soon!!!Kat Johnson Sera Hawke while you're in California check out the Banana Museum 🍌😂Kira Noelle I have been to the salt and pepper soaker museum! Just went there about five days ago on a trip ...
Ashton Kutcher
This Viral Subway Photo Becomes Even More Powerful When You Know Who Took It
This is from April but we need it now.
"This is my America."
Comments Tina Welch This is because most Americans are living happy and free of all this mess our country is currently acting like. ...Danny Mcmindes america has always been a melting pot of cultures. the only time we get our britches in a bunch is ...Andreea Codruţa I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I admit I was blown away when I first arrived here and I had this ...
We waste 1/3 of the worlds food supply due to inefficiency. 1.3 billion tons every year 577 2380
@ShoelessJosephS @thorn Punishing comes in degrees my barefoot maple leaf 🍁 11 32
I no Imma hrible spelr!😜 my grammor sucks too but ya get it 149 2586

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