Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher
Woman purposely loses Wheel Of Fortune, so fellow contestants don't leave show empty-handed
Did you watch this episode?
In an interesting twist, one Wheel of Fortune game ended in smiles all around after the leading contestant, Nura Fountano, threw the last round so a fellow contestant was able to walk away from the ...
Comments Maria Castle They are veterans. Vets take care of vets. We are one big family.Tina Hess I saw this episode. I knew she was intentionally calling bad letters. But I give her credit for letting the ...Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive If people looked at the stars each night, they'd live a lot differently. When you look into infinity, you realize ...
Ashton Kutcher
3 Little Girls Adorably Recreated Shots From The Oscars 2017 'Best Picture' Nominees
I can't wait to see what they do next year.
"The girls anticipate Oscar season like it’s a holiday."
Comments Linda Scott Goes Ashton, you have certainly. got Trumpty Dumpty's crowd riled! I'm happy to see that! This seems like such a benign ...Tara Gordon It's cute but come on . These kids likely didn't see many of the movies, probably don't care about the ...Katherine Glover Human Trafficking. Please read. So... I know you are a great supporter of stopping human trafficking and have done some ...
Ashton Kutcher
Town Hall Meeting Takes A Powerful Turn When A Woman Asks People Affected By Obamacare...
Making your voice heard is crucial to democracy.
Several moments from town halls across the country have gone viral this week.
Comments Mark Lee Yes, obama care has affected me. Adversely. I lost my job. The owner told me that he could not afford ...Bob Grey Jr. Kutcher, when you make more on royalties from Two And A Half Men reruns, and, your three seasons of that ...Tim Wright The article is poorly written as clearly everybody was effected by Obamacare which is dying under it's own weight. Arizona ...
Ashton Kutcher
Iranian Director’s Oscar Win Celebrates ‘The People Of My Country’ And Addresses Muslim Ban
"Dividing the world into an us-and-them category creates fear."
Asghar Farhadi was determined to have his voice heard.
Comments Marie Francis Yes.. Iran. An example of a thriving democracy... what a joke. Shut up sir and sit your a** down. You ...Steven Mulkey What about the 11 countries banning all travel from Israel I haven't heard of any Israeli based terrorist organizations so ...Billy Joe Epperson Newsflash: The Oscar Meyer Whiners award show received the 3rd lowest ratings since 1974. Way to go! Stay classy!
Ashton Kutcher
The bond they share is evident. Comments Michaela Reumann I've been there in 2013 and it is amazing there. One week I will never forget. .love elephants :)Anton Emanuele Bubolz I heard elephants would stampede villages in Africa causing many people to die. Unless Asian ones are more docile. But ...Brandess Sorrels There was more than enough for everyone on this Earth but we poisoned cut and burnt it.
now African elephants ...
Ashton Kutcher
Caitlyn Jenner Makes It Clear She Won't Compromise In Video Response To Trump
"Very soon we will have full freedom nationwide and it's going to be with bipartisan support." — we have to keep working toward this
"You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community. Call me."
Comments Donna Yarnevic I'm disgusted by this as Caitlyn only cares when it impacts her!! She supported Trump when he mocked a disabled ...Lisa Doss It's a little late, you voted for him lady. I don't see how you trusted him in the first place. ...Michelle Noriega Everyone has freedom in this country Ashton. But there are laws here that protect our young daughters from old men ...
Ashton Kutcher
Someone Just Hung An Attention-Grabbing Banner On The Statue Of Liberty To Make A Point
The sign should stay there.
An investigation is underway.
Comments Kathy Shanks Bassler Definition of a refugee: a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, ...Russell Eckstein That already says it on the statue. But, whatever, vandalize a national treasure in the name of social justice and ...John S Pardee Open your house, take them in and care for them with your money.
Ashton Kutcher
15 Crazy Innovative Kitchen Products You Don't Need, But Might Really, Really Want
Which one is your favorite?
Seen this year at Ambiente, the largest consumer goods trade show in the world.
Comments Alex B Richards I actually bought the dishwasher magnet for my parents and it's very useful. My parents were always confused whether the ...Tyson Filmanski I have #2 and love it. Only downfall is if when you put the mug down on a hard surface ...Samantha Nicklin For number 8, you're actually not supposed to thaw meat on the counter according to ServSafe. You're supposed to run ...
Ashton Kutcher
Harvard University Will Recognize Rihanna’s Work, But This Has Nothing To Do With Her Music
This is well deserved.
A heart of gold is headed to the Ivy League.
Comments Jessica Chang Ashton, thank you for consistently sharing inspiring stories on your facebook instead of negative or even controversial newsKaelyn Thomas I wish we saw more of this side of her than what the media is portrays.Isabelle Costello Shouldn't the title be "Harvard University Will Recognize Rihanna's Work (Work Work Work Work)..." ?
Ashton Kutcher
Love is love is love. Period. Comments Amanda Mongiovi A much easier solution: don't let the government dictate who you can love/marry.Morgan Den I love the people that this angers...clearly they haven't experienced true love before, kind of sad. If love makes you ...Katia L. Copeland I find every day people that follow Ashton to just spread hate. You know his mentality and you are just ...
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