Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher
The Cast Of 'That Thing You Do!' Reunited, And Made Sure To Get The Song...
Who doesn't love cast reunions?
Long live The Oneders.
Comments Angela Johnson I must have watched this movie a million times over lol. Love it!!Gina Marie Pandora has That Thing You Do Radio station.... LOVE IT!!! Listen all the timeRose Marie Henry Good movie
Ashton Kutcher
Character counts. Comments Robert Lunsford God's grace to all involved. He put the right person to mentor to this fine kids and encourage them to ...Mike Lehman Well done! Hope he went next door to inform the neighbor it was a great party, and Thank them for ...Sarah Dougherty 🎶And if you get the chance to sit it out or dance.. DANCE🎶 Way to go💙
Ashton Kutcher
Jimmy Fallon's #MyWeirdDentist Tweets Are A Reason Not To Dread Your Checkups
These are hilarious.
"I like big gums and I cannot lie."
Comments Diana Greenwood Forster I take the bib off and say "unless you are on your way to a crab feed?"Cheryl Jones I'm a dental receptionist and I have to try to laugh every time someone makes the 2.30 joke like it's ...Nicholas Thompson If only Fallon had yanked Trump's teeth history could have been so much different...
They will only call you weird until you are successful, then they call you eccentric. 1248 3632
Ashton Kutcher
Chris Pratt Is A Master At Prank Calls, And We Can't Say We're Surprised
Well done.
"Julia, put that down."
Comments Mileidy Rf Tacuri Please watch Luke Evans and Josh Gadds doing this. Luke was so fun, he slayed it!! Pratt was also good ...Nate Pierce He talked so slowly it was hard to watch. Trying to think about what letters are next and how to ...Alex Smirneos Brooke Custerson this man never fails to impress me.. #inlove
Ashton Kutcher
'Voice' Star Hunter Plake Breathes New Life Into A Song You've Probably Heard A Million...
Is Hunter the breakout star of this season?
He just keeps wowing us.
Comments Anthony Warren I guess I'm the only one that thinks this sounds awful?Elizabeth Parker I don't know Ashton. There's a lot of talent in that pool.Natalia Sanchez Irina Rebolo sigo sin entender que les gusta ! Si gana no miro más the voice (mentira si está Adam ...
Ashton Kutcher
Breathtaking Photos Of Twins With Albinism Highlights The Beauty Of Our Differences
Don't immediately judge someone just because they're different.
"Without our differences we would only be grains of sand."
Comments Jennifer Pankewich That is amazing how they braded there hair together. I had a family live near me and all of there ...Nicholas Thompson I met one during college at the University of Delaware an X girlfriend introduced me I think and I remember ...Kay Zum Felde What is the difference between an identity and an illness? An identity of an individual is based on the genetic ...
Ashton Kutcher
I Watched My First Episode Of 'Breaking Bad,' And It Was Nothing Like I Expected
Happy binge-watching!
So ... it's funny?
Comments Stephanie Long I'm jealous of people just experiencing it for the first time. I wish I could wipe my memory and watch ...Mark L Horvath Wait... There's still people out there that haven't seen this show? Wtf!?Chris Munro Zanger I remember I didn't even want to watch it cause of all the hype being in Abq and all, but ...
Ashton Kutcher
Meet the next generation of cyber defenders. Comments Nicholas Thompson Yeah I mean nukes are still very important but AI is developing so rapidly they could be neutralized soon and ...Roni A Castro Great these kids are learning this, but where are the girls? We should be encouraging ALL our young people into ...Antonio Giorlando I find it funny that the code and command line examples in the first few scenes are HTML and editing ...
Ashton Kutcher
Kids Try To Guess Yoga Poses By Just Hearing Their Names And Adorably Fail
I think I might try this with the kids.
"What IS a cat-cow?"
Comments Stacey Strum-Mancino I don't know a lot about yoga. But some of those kids poses were spot on. See, when I think ...Phil Leavesley You might call it a fail but I think the young ones are more accurate.Mia Sanders The child doing the Easy Pose is ADORABLE! Looked like he almost fell asleep!
Ashton Kutcher
The untold truth of DuckTales
This classic cartoon has entertained generations—and it's behind-the-scenes stories are just as fascinating as the adventures you watched onscreen.
Comments Kay Zum Felde I have red the comics when I was young, but right now I realize that I never found out who ...Jessie Fry Oo a reboot, they better not kill it! But with David tennant on board should be good Jasmine Lou Marisa ...Renee Soudant If I see the word "ducktales" in my head I immediately hear the tune... anyone else? Or is it just ...
"Last night our little boy met his hero." props 138 874
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