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If gender equality is not on your docket go back to the drawing board and try try again. 478 2296
Ashton Kutcher
Dads Tell Awesome Stories Of Their Daughter's Boyfriends.
These give me hope.
The best of the best!
Comments Rae Lee It all depends on how Dads treat their daughters. Cause we always end up picking a boyfriend who's like our ...Joyce Cintron I have a 28 yr old daughter who I'm crazy about but number 3 applies. I actually tear up for ...Jessica Walker Brandhorst I'm not quite there yet (hoping for at least another 10 years) but the thought alone terrifies me!! 😳
Ashton Kutcher
First He Proposed To Her, Then He Proposed To Her 5-Year-Old Daughter
"Adrianna’s reaction was priceless!"
Comments Zachary Day This should be kept private!!
I don't want this lifestyle shoved in my face!!
Keep kids out of it!!

... ...
Cindy Burmaster Awe. I absolutely love this. ❤️ It takes a special man to step up and accept the whole package, and ...Lizzie Adams A great example of a good man. A good person. This is love. 💕
Ashton Kutcher
Mom Decides To Plan 'Literally Nothing' For Her Kids This Summer, And People Are Grateful...
Sometimes, nothing is a great plan.
"I just want to remind parents that we all have the power to create the life we want."
Comments Benita Suljmani What do kids really remember and treasure is the time you spend with them! My sisters and I spent our ...Lisa Thompson Amos We didn't have camps when I was a kid. I slept in, watched a lot of cartoons, played tag, hide-and-seek, ...Emma Williams Sometimes its best to just see where the day takes you. Also, it can get expensive to constantly entertain kids ...
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Trevor Noah Opens Up About His Experience Being Stopped By Police
The best way to effect change is to speak out.
In light of recent court rulings, it was some timely behind-the-scenes footage.
Comments Robyn Vahua Just watched Chris Rocks blackout tour and he summed it up perfect. He said they say cops like these are ...Chip Plunkett The driver reached for his gun when told not to. I'd like to think the officer could have stepped back ...Melanie Philip History may have started repeating itself when previous administration focused on Identity politics instead of considering all Americas as Americans...he ...
Ashton Kutcher
Adults have a lot to learn from kids. Comments Zakyrah Harris That's awesome! I remember in 8th grade my school did something like this to raise money for Japan after tsunami ...Amy Sessions These children and their kindness is a direct reflection of the environment in which they are raised and live in. ...Kathy Olivo Our 5th grade math teacher started class everyday reading a book. Everyday for the first 10 minutes. She read this ...
Love, patience, & hard work that's the secret. 1301 3788
Tried to explain to my daughter what a magazine is... "it's like a website..." wtf 419 2702
Not looking for sympathy would just like the laws on the books enforced. 133 1269
This guy thinks it's ok to sit in front of a day care center & take photos of toddlers 282 869
2 A-holes ran a stop light, cut off other cars, put lives in danger 2 get a paparazzi photo of me w/my infant on th… 261 1268
Fun fact: muscle actually weighs ~1.18x more than fat 196 1056

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